“Skinwalkers Shapeshifters and Native American Curses” by Gary Swanson and Wendy Swanson

"Skinwalkers Shapeshifters and Native American Curses" by Gary Swanson and Wendy Swanson

"The almost unknown world of the murderous Skinwalker has never been so fully exposed before this book. The terrible ability of this creature to morph between man and animal with its shapeshifting ability creates an evil and dangerous entity that defies all reason!

Being that it still lives among our Native American population after centuries of relatively few documented incidents attests to the frightening power it possesses. The fear of unleashing its shockingly destructive powers has kept even those knowledgeable native spiritual leaders afraid to challenge or unleash its evils except under extreme provocation! This interpretation of a creature so devastating that the mere mention of its name causes undue stress and anxiety among our Native Peoples, and evoking its terrible powers only happens when greed and the utmost wicked purposes outweigh all moral and common decency.

The fact that this evil even exists was previously unknown to the publishers until their research of the Sasquatch happened to have crossed the line from the study of a reclusive creature that simply desires to coexist with man to the Skinwalker malevolency that seems to be desirous of the dominance of man and the destruction of his very soul if one should be so unfortunate as to run afoul of its evil!

We sincerely thank our many contributors who under promise of anonymity have shared with us their knowledge of the Skinwalker and shapeshifter. At long last the secrets of these shadowy beings are revealed and the dark curtain of secrecy has been lifted by those brave individuals who have dared to bring these monsters into the light! The editors have gone to extreme measures to protect the identity of the contributors.

The accompanying stories and events regarding our Native American Peoples are the true stories of those unfortunate victims, who in their ignorance have removed items from Native American burial sites. The spirits, who appear to be guardians of the graves of the departed, can and do suffer horrible consequences upon those who have stolen items or caused damage or destruction to the sacred resting places of these first Americans. These reports are by survivors, some of whom who have been able to seek a reversal of the curses or by surviving relatives of those who received the revenge of the spirits. The frighteningly true results and the severe penalties exacted upon those who have desecrated, or even slightly disturbed, the resting places of the Native Americans are revealed as a cautionary explanation that has never been fully clarified to the tourist who carelessly stumbles upon such sacred sites."