“Chaos Ritual” by Steve Wilson

"Chaos Ritual" by Steve Wilson

"The Chaos Current is the most vital aspect of modern occultism, but while various authors have presented aspects of Chaos Magic or general descriptions, this book presents for the first time ever a detailed guide to an entire system, but unlike other step-by-step guides, the end result it gives is a system completely unique to the individual reader.

'Sahaja Sutra' enables each practitioner to develop their own stances, chants, mantras and all of the other building blocks of any magical system. The advantage in this Spontaneous Magic system is that each element arises from the subconscious, which Austin Osman Spare described as 'the greatest magician'.

'Medicine Wyrd' adapts these methods for Shamanic practice, first enabling the reader to journey to the spirit realms for knowledge and power, and then to empower objects, heal from afar and to join others in tribal magic and celebration.

'The Chaoetia' adapts the Spontaneous system to the practice of ceremonial magic, and allows groups to develop their magic while the ceremonies themselves are taking place, adding each individual's experience to build a powerful collective ritual.

Chaos Ritual is more than just another book about magic. As the millennium approaches, it describes what may well become the basic magic for the coming aeon."