“Gods and Monsters” edited by Michael Kelly

"Gods and Monsters" edited by Michael Kelly

"Gods and Monsters is a collection of five profound and challenging writings by some of the foremost members of The Apophis Club. These essays seek to address the nature and essence of entities such as Gods, Dæmons and Spirits from both practical and philosophical standpoints, offering up new insights and tools to Initiates of the Draconian current:

Vampyric Alchemy by Steve Dee and Lucien von Wolfe. This study examines the archetypes of the Lycanthrope and the Vampyre, and the ways in which they may be awakened and used in the process of Self-transformation.

At The Left Hand of the Goddess by Matt Anon and Durga Mahavidya. An in-depth study of Indian Tantric practice (the original Left-Hand Path), with particular emphasis upon the role of taboo-breaking female Divinities within this current.

The Dragon in Antiquity by Joyful Hydra. A detailed study of the initiatory importance of the Dragon in the roots of mythic traditions, with particular emphasis upon the Indo-Iranian mythology. Contains the necessary keys to apply such mythology in practice, as well as understanding it within its proper context.

Haunters of the Dark by Michael Kelly. A study of ghosts, hauntings and the spirits of the dead. Focuses upon the possible causes of hauntings and culminates in a necromantic experiment to determine the fate of the soul after death.

Remanifestations in Rheged by Jez Green. A personal account which demonstrates how Initiates can go about connecting with the mythology and spirit of the landscape that surrounds them, providing themselves with powerful foundations to stand upon. Witty, informative and profoundly practical."