“IlluminAnX: Rosicrucianism Reawakened” by Michael Aquino

"IlluminAnX: Rosicrucianism Reawakened" by Michael Aquino

"The most important question confronting all human beings is whether incarnate life is the extent of their conscious existence, or just a prelude to an infinitely greater metaphysical immortality. Nevertheless most individuals — equally unimpressed by the world’s crude & oppressive mass-religions on one hand and the brash arrogance of atheism on the other – have simply avoided the question as “unresolvable”.

But both the Wisdom and the Way to intelligently address it do exist, presented in this book — a consolidation of four lectures to the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Innsmouth, Massachusetts in early 2017: results of an examination of contemporary rosicrucianism as the basis for an enlightened human metareligion.

Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. University of California & Mph.D. Miskatonic University, Massachusetts, is known for his research & exploration of the initiatory Left-Hand Path of individual distinction from the universe. This perspective provides contrastingly-clear comprehension of the posthumous prospects for the majority of mankind, for whom the LHP would be dangerous if not disastrous. A purified & perfected Right-Hand Path is positively prescribed."