“The Nature Of Intuition: Understand & Harness Your Intuitive Ability” by Nigel Percy and Maggie Percy

"The Nature Of Intuition: Understand & Harness Your Intuitive Ability" by Nigel Percy and Maggie Percy

"You don’t need to strengthen your intuition. What you need to strengthen is your awareness of it.

The Nature Of Intuition is a groundbreaking book that synthesizes physics, metaphysics, Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, business, biology and linguistics to explain why intuition is not something you have to work at, nor is it some freakish psychic gift. Instead, intuition is a natural part of your life. You just need to become aware of your intuitive ability and choose to use it.

Authors Nigel and Maggie Percy have been professional intuitives since 2001. Through their books, events and websites, they have taught students in many countries how to tap into their natural intuitive abilities to enhance their lives in endless ways. Decades of experience have taught the authors the value of intuition and how natural it is, and they believe everyone can benefit from learning to harness their intuition. All it takes is to become more self-aware.

Too often, being intuitive is seen as a sort of spiritual gift which must be nurtured and revered, or which is given to very few, springing fully formed at birth. What this book makes abundantly clear through stories, examples and the results of research in a variety of disciplines is that intuition is always present in your life. You cannot escape it, because it is an inevitable aspect of being human. And in fact, accepting and using your intuition provides many benefits. All that is necessary is that you learn to see it at work and accept the enhancement it brings your life.

The Nature Of Intuition is a comprehensive tour that includes:
A theory of how intuition works that integrates modern science from many disciplines and ancient wisdom from a variety of cultures
Conclusive proof that intuition is not just one ‘thing,’ but can arrive using a variety of channels
Demonstration that intuition has explainable and natural origins
A useful and complete definition that makes it easier to understand and discuss intuition
An easy-to-follow guide with meaningful yet easy ways to use intuition in your life

Read The Nature Of Intuition today for an innovative and practical explanation of how and why intuition works, together with simple ways to harness your natural intuitive ability to improve your life."