“By Rust of Nail & Prick of Thorn: The Theory & Practice of Effective Home Warding” by Althaea Sebastiani

"By Rust of Nail & Prick of Thorn: The Theory & Practice of Effective Home Warding" by Althaea Sebastiani

"Warding is a practical means of magickal protection using physical objects as anchor points for energy. It is a preventative measure that uses your skill as a witch to tap into wild and ancient forces in order to take very ordinary objects and render them powerful wards.

In this book, you’ll explore the theory behind warding with an in-depth look at the three things generally warded against, those things that cannot be warded against, and the surprising benefits warding affords to your witchcraft practice. You'll then put that information into practice with simple yet powerful wards you can easily make to guard your home, as well as techniques for warding your home when you don’t have access to tools but need immediate magickal protection.

You will learn:
• Why blanket protection spells are generally ineffective at providing the protection you need
• How to make your magick stronger by identifying what you can and cannot ward against
• How to transform your home into a spiritual safe-haven with a powerful hands-on approach to witchcraft
• To simply yet effectively protect yourself from curses and unwanted energy
• How to quickly ward your home without any tools in the event of a spiritual threat
• To rely more strongly on yourself and make fewer excuses about why you can’t do the witchcraft

With an emphasis on common sense, practicality, and a no-excuses approach to witchcraft, this book will help you to look at your spiritual protection needs for your home more objectively and to devise an immediate plan of action using materials you already have on hand."