“Psychic Sleuths: ESP and Sensational Cases” edited by Joe Nickell

"Psychic Sleuths: ESP and Sensational Cases" edited by Joe Nickell

"Do psychics have special powers, allowing them to succeed where ordinary police work fails? How often do the police actually enlist psychics in solving crimes, and what do they really think of these paranormal "experts"? These are just some of the questions discussed in this illuminating study of those who supposedly use extrasensory powers to help solve crimes.

Famed paranormal investigator Joe Nickell assembled a psychic "task force" of experienced researchers — investigative writers, professional magicians, private detectives, and paranormal investigators — and challenged them to examine the claims of a famous paranormal crimebuster. Among the "psychic sleuths" examined are Greta Alexander, Dorothy Allison, Gerard Croiset, Peter Hurkos, Phil Jordan, Rosemarie Kerr, Noreen Reiner, and Bill Ward. Noted psychologist James E. Alcock offers an assessment of the psychics' claims in light of the investigative reports.

Nickell's distinguished team of investigators includes Michael R. Dennett, Professor Kenneth Feder, Henry Gordon, Jim Lippard, Ward Lucas, Professor Michael Park, Stephen Peterson, Dr. Gary Posner, and Professor Lee Roger Taylor.

Psychic Sleuths will excite the curiosity of both skeptics and believers, and all who are puzzled by psychic claims and paranormal mysteries."