“Forms of Chinese Talismans & Related Taoist Rituals” by Ricardo Choo

"Forms of Chinese Talismans & Related Taoist Rituals" by Ricardo Choo

"The book explains the context of Chinese Talisman in details from how it is being drawn to its consecration process as well as related Taoist rituals. It is beneficial for beginners especially western readers who would like to understand more on this subject.

The writer is a certified Taoist Priest of Mao Shan Hua Yang Qing Feng Sect and has been studying this subject for more than 10 years.

The contents include:
– Origins & Types of Chinese Talisman
– Different Schools / Sects of Chinese Talisman
– What Makes a Chinese Talisman
– Various Ways to Use Chinese Talismans
– Common Features of the Chinese Talisman
– Steps in Drawing the Chinese Talisman
– Chinese Talismans with Related Folklore Rituals
– Ritual on Consecrating of Taoist Statues Prior to Praying (‘Opening of Eyes” for Deity Statues Ritual)
– Things to Caution Relating to the Use of Chinese Talismans
– Some Unorthodox Forms of Chinese Talismans and Rituals
– Introduction to Mao Shan Hua Yang Qing Feng Sect"

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