“Spellcrafting for the Christian Witch: A Compendium of Christian Witchcraft” by Valerie Love

"Spellcrafting for the Christian Witch: A Compendium of Christian Witchcraft" by Valerie Love

"From the best selling author of How to Be a Christian Witch and the Christian Witches Manifesto comes the next breakthrough magick book in the series on Christian Witchcraft…

Are you unclear on exactly WHAT Christian Witchcraft is? What kind of spells do we cast as practicing Christian Witches? What is Bible Magick and how can it be used to effect transformation in our personal lives and the world? How can YOU become a MASTER ALCHEMIST who crafts and casts potent spells as a Christian Witch? What are the most powerful rituals and the most potent spells you can perform as a Christian Witch? What are the necessary components, ingredients, intentions and steps for this profound magick to be effective? Is there a formula for both ritual creation and spellcrafting especially suited to Christian Witches, including integrating the Bible?


This book describes in DETAIL ritual formulation as well as spellcrafting and casting for Christian Witches, with one aim: TO BECOME A MASTER ALCHEMIST. All you require to begin or expand your spellcrafting as a Christian Witch is here for you in a comprehensive manual of Christian Witchcraft, including:
Bible Magick
Bible Divination
Angel Magick
Feast of the Dead
Your Ase
Wheel of Destiny
Science & Magick
How to Establish Your Temple, Shrine & Altar
and more than you can shake a proverbial broom stick at to become a MASTER ALCHEMIST.

Let’s get even MORE magickal Christian Witches!"