“Tarot Unfolded: Imaginative Reading of the Divination Cards” by Stefan Stenudd

"Tarot Unfolded: Imaginative Reading of the Divination Cards" by Stefan Stenudd

"Tarot is the extended deck of cards used for divination, dating back to the Renaissance. It works by images, as do humans. We are creatures of imagination. Reading the Tarot cards is essentially done by processing the images in our imagination.

This book presents the Tarot and explains how it’s used in divination. But the main purpose of the book is to tickle the reader’s imagination into going on the spiritual quest induced by imagery. See the Tarot card pictures come alive as other pictures emerge from your mind to meet and transform them. You may find that the world will never look the same again.

Stefan Stenudd is a Swedish author, historian of ideas, artist, and instructor in the peaceful martial art aikido. In the history of ideas he studies the thought patterns of creation myths, as well as Aristotle’s Poetics."