“The Last Skinwalker: The Avenging Witch Of The Navajo Nation” by Gary Swanson

"The Last Skinwalker: The Avenging Witch Of The Navajo Nation" by Gary Swanson

"This book is dedicated solely to the evil witch called Skinwalker, which a rough translation means, “With it, he goes on all fours.” There are many witches in the Diné (Navajo) culture, and they are mostly select individuals who possess the special powers to heal and administer these special healing powers to their people. Some of our investigations involved discreet meetings in remote locations; almost like participating in some clandestine espionage operation; however looking back on it now, we understand fully that many of our secretive meetings were truthfully on the edge of what, according to their true beliefs, our Navajo contacts could have been in life and death situations! These stories were told to us in confidence and they are in the words of our submitters, with only slight changes where necessary to protect our contributors and tribal rights and locations."