“The Hearth Witch’s Everyday Herbal: A Concise Guide to Correspondences, Magic, and Lore” by Anna Franklin

"The Hearth Witch's Everyday Herbal: A Concise Guide to Correspondences, Magic, and Lore" by Anna Franklin

"Your Quick Reference Guide to Nearly 150 Herbs

Whether you use plants in your magical or daily life, this catalogue of commonly found herbs offers time-saving, user-friendly plant profiles, so you always have the wisdom you need right at your fingertips. Each entry includes the plant's: Magical Uses • Planetary Ruler • Element • Magical Virtues • Lore • Culinary and Household Uses • Cosmetic Applications • Home Remedies

An herbalist's best friend, this skimmable sourcebook helps you navigate your practice with confidence. It covers almost every herb you could find in your local supermarket, occult store, or garden. Pick through succinct, versatile entries for nearly 150 plants, such as: Angelica • Apple • Beech • Bergamot • Black Cohosh • Carnation • Chervil • Chilli • Clary Sage • Comfrey • Echinacea • Eucalyptus • Feverfew • Flax • Ginseng ;• Goldenrod • Hawthorn • Iris • Linden • Lotus • Lovage • Maize • Mullein · Myrrh • Pine • Pomegranate • Rue • Saffron • Sandalwood • Skullcap • Sweet Cicely • Vervain • White Horehound • Yarrow

Anna Franklin also provides any cautions that need to be considered before working safely with the herb. With so many featured plants, this compendium is a valuable everyday resource for healers, cooks, witches, and plant enthusiasts of all skill levels."