“Beginners Guide to Angels” by Gabby Benson

"Beginners Guide to Angels" by Gabby Benson

"It is said that we live our daily lives among angels- but what is an angel? What do they look like? Are they winged beings with halos above their heads or are they more spiritual and intellectual in nature? How can you communicate with angel and how can your guardian angel guide you through life’s journey?

Divided into three parts for easy reference, Beginners Guide to Angels helps you discover the enthralling world of angels. The first part introduces you to the subject of angles and addresses the messenger aspect and the image of angels. The second section guides you through the hierarchy of angels and details the individual characteristics of specific angels. The final part looks at how you can improve your relationship with angels. Learn to reach out to your spiritual side and discover the wondrous realm of angels through natural channels such as love and understanding."