“Seekers and Saviors” by Time-Life Books (The Enchanted World 12)

"Seekers and Saviors" by Time-Life Books (The Enchanted World 12)

"This is a book of tales about the conflicts and interchanges between the world of mankind and the world of the old ones, the elder race, the fair folk. These are tales of a time when the rule of men was on the rise and the rule of magic was passing from the earth. Sometimes it seems that old scores are being settled with the human usurpers, other times, like the worthiness of humans to rule is being tested. In any case, these stories chiefly survived unto the present day as "faery tales" to amuse children. Yet, just perhaps, they are something more…

There is a great variety of material gathered in this volume. You have classic tales from the celtic Mabinogion, the Arthurian Romances, the Tales of the Arabian Nights, on the other hand, you have folk and fairy tales from France, Germany, Scotland, Sweden, Iceland, and other countries."