“Norse Myths” by Matt Ralphs (DK)

"Norse Myths" by Matt Ralphs (DK)

"Action-packed tales of extraordinary creatures and compelling gods, goddesses, and heroes come to life in this compendium of Norse myths. Explore the ancient stories told by the Vikings in this exciting new retelling — it's the perfect introduction for kids ages 7-9 who have an interest in mythology.

Inside this stunning illustrated storybook for kids you’ll discover:
• Compelling profiles of a wide variety of characters of Norse legends, complete with a reference section that sets the stories in context.
• Twenty enthralling myths — some well-known, some less well-known — from Odin to Baldur.
• A map of the Norse lands and a pronunciation guide.
• Original and stylized illustrations by award-winning artist Katie Ponder on every page — a perfect gift book for kids interested in art, myths, or history. "