“A History of Gnosticism” by Giovanni Filoramo

"A History of Gnosticism" by Giovanni Filoramo

"The 1945 discovery of a Gnostic library at Nag Hamadi has brought the study of this second- and third-century religious movement from the wings to center stage. Giovanni Filoramo (University of Turin) has given us the most complete account of Gnosticism thus far. He is thoroughly grounded in ancient writings—classical sources and the Church Fathers in addition to the Nag Hamadi library—and in the scholarly literature. The result is an extensive and probing study of this religious movement, which had wide-spread appeal in the late classical world.

Among the subjects discussed, although not necessarily in this order or under these titles, are the existential and religious issues Gnosticism sought to address; the origins of the Gnostic movement; the nature of Gnostic knowledge; the Gnostic savior; Gnostic eschatology; and, finally, Gnostic personal and social ethics. There is a sketch of the impact of Gnosticism on succeeding generations and its remnants in our own time, including its influence on art and literature."