“The Magic of Catholicism: Real Magic for Devout Catholics” by Brother A.D.A

"The Magic of Catholicism: Real Magic for Devout Catholics" by Brother A.D.A

"Previously titled Occult Catholicism: Real Magic for Devout Catholics, this new edition is upwards of 90% rewritten and contains loads of new material.

With this book, you can learn:
– What magic is and how a Catholic can practice it.
– Catholicism as an initiatory magical system.
– How to set up a magical home altar.
– How to make prayers and novenas work for you.
– How to use candles to bring good things into your life.
– How you can work with the Angels and the Saints.

Accompanied with copious footnotes and references to the Bible, the Early Fathers, the Council of Trent, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this book contains a guided tour of faith and spirituality in theory, in practice, and in power."