“Exorcism!” by Peter Underwood

"Exorcism!" by Peter Underwood

"Throughout history, the practice of exorcism has been used for the purpose of driving out evil spirits and demons though to possess human beings and the places they inhabit. But there are more startling instances where exorcism has been used: to cure a trawler that seemed to be cursed; to expel demons from Bram Stoker's black 'vampire' dog' even to rid Loch Ness and the Bermuda Triangle of their evil ambience. Peter Underwood explores this frightening ritual in relation to witches, vampires and animals, while his far-flung researches have unearthed dramatic cases in Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and the United States, as well as the British Isles.

Is the rite an archaic throwback, wrongly employed in cases of mental disturbance which would be better served by psychological counselling, or is evil indeed a living force which can be overcome by the power of good? Exorcism! offers some thought-provoking insights into a mysterious and powerful phenomenon."