“The Woman Magician: Revisioning Western Metaphysics from a Woman’s Perspective and Experience” by Brandy Williams

"The Woman Magician: Revisioning Western Metaphysics from a Woman's Perspective and Experience" by Brandy Williams

"The Woman Magician is a thought-provoking and bold exploration of the Western magical tradition from a female perspective, celebrating the power of women's spirituality and their vital role in the magical community.

Drawing on thirty years of study and personal experience, Brandy Williams reframes magic around women, examining and challenging traditional Western notions of women's bodies, energies, and spiritual needs. She discusses women's roles throughout magic's history, gender issues, and honoring the voice within to live authentically as women and magicians.

Part two features personal and group initiatory rituals based on Egyptian cosmology, created by the Sisters of Seshat, the first all-female magical order since the French Revolution."