“Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying beyond the Limits of the Self” by Linda Star Wolf

"Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying beyond the Limits of the Self" by Linda Star Wolf

"Incorporating psychospiritual tools with her Shamanic Breathwork practice, Linda Star Wolf shows how to spiritually journey in the same way shamans entrain to the rhythms of drums or rattles using the breath, either alone or together with music. Much like traveling to sacred places or ingesting entheogens, this practice can be used to enter altered states of consciousness, connect to cosmic consciousness, increase paranormal abilities, and awaken the shaman within. Breathwork can also be used to resolve old traumas and shapeshift unproductive modes of thinking in order to move beyond them.

Utilizing the healing power of breath along with chakra-attuned music, Linda Star Wolf explores the Five Cycles of Change—the Alchemical Map of Shamanic Consciousness—and how these cycles affect you as you move through major shifts in your life."