“365 Day Astrological Predictions: Adopt a Positive Frame of Mind And Succeed” by Jane Dallas

"365 Day Astrological Predictions: Adopt a Positive Frame of Mind And Succeed" by Jane Dallas

"The stars blink above us, serene and unchanging. We go about our daily lives. But the stars know our future. Astrology is the oldest of human sciences, and it just might be the most fascinating.

Many people are afraid of the future. They do not want to see what the tarot cards will bring them. But for me, if you play your astrological and numerological cards right, you can unlock a glimpse of all the wonderful things that lie ahead of you, in your future. And this is something that can transform your life.

Ancient philosophers in Europe, India, and America lived in simpler times. They cast their charts, they scanned the heavens, they knew the true astrology. They were visionaries. Over the years, mankind has sought to recover a bit of that wisdom. With attempts like conventional astrology, zodiac signs, moon runes, coffee grounds, tarot card readings, divination, and shamanism, we have tried to foretell the future accurately. But it has been difficult to recapture all of that ancient Magick and wisdom in the present day. This book brings together three very powerful things in order to give you the prediction that most closely approaches your actual future.

First, the power of choice; your own perception of where your headspace is at, on a given day. Second, the power of numerology, that translates the space of infinite futures that swirl before you to a tightly defined set of options. Third, the dual blended wisdom of astrology — that takes what the heavens are trying to tell us, and matches it to the options revealed by numerology. You have the best of all possible worlds: the ancient Eastern science of numerology, and the core of the Western theories of astrology, working together to give you the best possible prediction for every single day of the next year. All you will need are an open mind, the discipline to spend ten minutes every day on focusing your energies towards identifying the correct horoscope prediction that fits you, and the sensitivity to possibilities to correctly identify the numerological choices."