“Miracles: An Examination of the Miraculous throughout History” by Geoffrey Ashe

"Miracles: An Examination of the Miraculous throughout History" by Geoffrey Ashe

"Do you believe in miracles? In this study, leading historian and Arthurian expert Geoffrey Ashe studies the question from every angle. Can a scientific explanation be found for every strange event, and should feats which are ascribed to ESP, or to psychic powers, be counted as miracles or not? And do we in fact have some psychological need to believe in miracles?

Attention is paid to the cult of the Virgin Mary in Christian mythology, in particular the powerful tradition of the cures at Lourdes, and on to the claims of Hindu Yogis and to theories of the paranormal in Lamaistic Buddhism.

Miracles includes an account of the experiment which the author devised some years ago to explain the image of Christ on the Holy Shroud of Turin. This experiment, publicized in 1978 in the Sunday Times, has won wide acceptance not only as offering a solution, but as supplying possible evidence for the greatest miracle of all: Christ’s Resurrection."