“E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” by Pam Grout

"E-Squared is the sensational word-of-mouth SMASH that has gone on to become an international phenomenon, published in 26 languages and featured in the New York Times bestseller list! E-Squared could best be described as a lab manual with simple experiments that prove reality is malleable, consciousness trumps matter, and you shape your life with your mind. Yes, you read that right. It says prove. The nine experiments, each of which can be conducted with absolutely no money and very little time expenditure, demonstrate that spiritual principles are as dependable as gravity, as consistent as Newton’s laws of motion. Rather than take it on faith, E-Squared invites you to prove the following principles: • There is an invisible energy...>>

“Self-Hypnosis Revolution: The Amazingly Simple Way to Use Self-Hypnosis to Change Your Life” by Forbes Robbins Blair

"Self-hypnosis without the trance! The author of the best-selling self-hypnosis book Instant Self-Hypnosis shows you how to re-program your mind for success in every area of your life while you go through your daily routine. Everything you do, including chores and everyday tasks, suddenly become potent opportunities for self-empowerment! You can practice this simple, powerful method while you take out the garbage, brush the dog, drive to the store, clean the house, or during just about any other activity. Reach your goals faster, break bad habits, turn your life around and have what you want--it's fast, it's easy and anyone can do it."...>>

“More Instant Self Hypnosis: Hypnotize Yourself As You Read” by Forbes Robbins Blair

"MORE SELF-HYPNOSIS SCRIPTS AND INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES FROM A TRUSTED BESTSELLING AUTHOR "Attract Surplus Money", "Become More Attractive", "Easy Weight Release", "Strong, Lean and Powerful Body", "Achieve Your Potential", "Attract A Mate", "Job Interview Confidence", "Stop Worrying". These are just a few of the 48 script titles in this powerful sequel to Forbes Robbins Blair's bestselling, Instant Self Hypnsis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open. Included are more scripts, more incredible bonuses, and Master Induction 2.0 to make it easier and faster to transform bad habits. You Simply Have to Try This! With this revolutionary self-hypnosis technique, there's nothing to memorize or to record. You will read your way into a state of self-hypnosis where habit change...>>

“Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your Eyes Open” by Forbes Robbins Blair

"Hypnosis is a proven technique that allows people to reprogram their subconscious to change unwanted behaviors. Most books on self-hypnosis require the reader to memorize or record scripts, then put the book aside while they do their hypnosis work. But Instant Self-Hypnosis is the only self-hypnosis book that allows you to hypnotize yourself as you read, with your eyes wide open, without putting down the book. The author's fail-proof method allows you to put yourself into a hypnotic state and then use that state to improve your life in myriad ways. And because the hypnotic state is induced while you read, you remain aware of your surroundings and can bring yourself back to normal consciousness...>>

“The Manifestation Revelation: How to Align with Your Higher Self to Manifest Balance, Happiness and Prosperity” by Forbes Robbins Blair

"REACH THE NEXT LEVEL OF MANIFESTATION POWER WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF! We all use the power of thought to shape our reality and life circumstances. However, manifesting is complex and requires guidance from your Higher Self so your intentions bring forth positive results. The Manifestation Revelation Will Help You to Understand Your Higher Self, and How Best to Align With It."...>>