“The Manifestation Manifesto: Amazing Techniques and Strategies to Attract the Life You Want – No Visualization Required” by Forbes Robbins Blair

"Manifest money, abundance, a great career, good fortune, and happy relationships. Direct your amazing mind power. Set your manifestation goals effectively. Attract the right people. And become more successful. You are already good at manifesting because your thoughts automatically attract what happens to you. So, the big issue with manifestation is the QUALITY of what you attract, and how you can achieve it. You Don't Need to Visualize Anything: In The Manifestation Manifesto, best-selling author Forbes Robbins Blair helps you stop manifesting what you don't want. The book inspires and motivates you to create the life you feel you deserve - without needing to visualize anything! Coming from the author's decades of experience and experimentation, this book includes...>>