“Knot Magic:A Handbook of Powerful Spells Using Witches’ Ladders and other Magical Knots” (Mystical Handbook) by Sarah Bartlett

"Harness the secret power of enchanted knots with Knot Magic. Cast powerful spells with ancient knot magic that has been around for centuries. With a length of string, ribbon, cord, or anything that can be knotted, you can quickly make magic work for you, whether to enchant new love into your life, change your fortune, or manifest your dreams. You'll learn not only the best way to cast a spell, but also the best time to perform the spell to ensure success. Become a master knot maker as your spells take root. This unique collection includes all-powerful witch's ladders, where additional talismans are woven in with the knots to reinforce the desired outcome, and "unknotting" charms,...>>

“Knot Magic” by Tylluan Penry

"Have you ever wanted to cast spells using traditional methods such as Knot Magic? Once the most feared type of magic across northern Europe, Knot Magic has suffered something of a decline in recent years. In this indispensable book, Tylluan Penry, draws on her own wide experience to describe the history and methods of Knot Magic. Then, step-by-step she explains how to adapt this powerful tradition into your own magical practice."...>>

“Cord Magic: simple spells for beginners to witchcraft” by Raven Willow

"Perfect for beginners to witchcraft, or as a simple reference guide for intermediate practitioners. Informative, concise, and current this book is the perfect addition to any witchcraft reference collection. This book explores the topic of cord magic, focusing on how to get started with simple spells, and ways to make your spells more effective. Learn how to use colours and moon phases to get the results you want from your spells. There are also some short and simple spells that you can use, or adapt, to help you achieve your goals."...>>