“Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary” by Briana Saussy

"Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary" by Briana Saussy

"When you think of magic, do you imagine something supernatural, extraordinary, or beyond your everyday reality? Many of us are drawn to magic because we think there’s something "out there" that can bring enchantment and wonder back into our lives.

Yet there’s a secret to real magic: the extraordinary is much closer than you may think.

With Making Magic, expert teacher Briana Saussy invites you to discover a practice of magic that will bring a new depth and power to each moment, act, and choice of your life. Through teaching stories, wisdom from a wide variety of world traditions, and no-nonsense practices you can easily weave into your daily routine, Briana will help you reconnect with the wild and creative force of magic that is always around and within you, waiting for you to remember.

As you explore this path of transformation, you’ll discover resources of magic that permeate your life, including:
• Doors and thresholds―ways we "cross between worlds"
• Communication―creating magic with your voice, body, intentions, and relationships
• Holy helpers―ancestors, angels, saints, and spirit beings who guide and support you
• Water and washing―access the revitalizing energy of water when you drink or bathe
• Textiles and threads―how to loosen, mend, or bind up supportive energies
• Candles and fire―elemental power to bring light to darkness and burn away what no longer serves you
• Kitchen magic―using food to nourish your whole self and reconnect you with nature
• Talismans―infuse your beloved objects with sacred purpose and supportive power"