“Energy Anatomy: A Grounded Guide to Energy Work & Energy Healing” by Pete Michaud

"Energy Anatomy: A Grounded Guide to Energy Work & Energy Healing" by Pete Michaud

"This is a fully illustrated guide that doesn't leave any details out. It includes topics like:

-What is an Energy Body, really?
-How the Energy Body Interacts with the Physical Body
-The Seven Major Chakras and Their Functions
-The "0th" Chakra and the Extended Energy Body (64th chakra??)
-How the Chakras Interact with Each Other
-The Dynamic Pair, Fractal Reality, Higher and Lower Chakras
-Problems with Chakras like Blocks, Color, Brightness, and Spin
-Exercises to Maintain Clean Energy
-Way more!

All the information you need to begin your journey as a healer!

The book is perfect for someone who is interested, and wants a solid starting point for working with energy. It's also great for people who are already more involved, but lack that fundamental grounding and concrete explanation that so many books and sites leave out.

It's also written to be very easy to read and digest, with lots of illustrations to keep interest all the way through."