“Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities” by Debra Lynne Katz (older 1st edition)

"Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Psychic Abilities" by Debra Lynne Katz (older 1st edition)

"Take your innate psychic abilities from ordinary to extraordinary and find out just how easy it is to access insightful and helpful information about anything!

Whether you're a beginner exploring your psychic abilities or a professional fine-tuning your skills, this warm and practical guide offers proven techniques, true personal stories, and a wealth of fun exercises so that you can quickly experience successful clairvoyant readings for yourself.

Professional psychic Debra Lynne Katz, author of the popular introductory guide You Are Psychic, offers clear and engaging instruction on developing your natural intuitive gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and telepathy. She demonstrates how these skills can be used with clients on a professional level or in real-life settings, such as your home or workplace―even in your own relationships.

• Become the intuitive, extraordinary psychic you truly are
• Heal yourself and others
• View the past, present, and future
• Manifest goals for peace, prosperity, and love
• Communicate with your spirit guides and loved ones in spirit
• Learn how to perform psychic readings professionally or just for fun"