“Is This Wi-Fi Organic?: A Guide to Spotting Misleading Science Online” by Dave Farina

"Is This Wi-Fi Organic?: A Guide to Spotting Misleading Science Online" by Dave Farina

"We live in the internet age, where scams, frauds, fake-news, fake stories, fake science, and false narratives are everywhere. With the knowledge base gained from Dave Farina’s simple explanations, learn to spot misinformation and lies on the internet before they spot you.

Is This Wi-Fi Organic? is a playful investigation of popular opinions and consumer trends that permeate our society. The organic craze has taken hold of grocery culture despite most being unable to define the term. Healers and quantum mystics of every flavor are securing their foothold alongside science-based medicine, in an unregulated and largely unchallenged landscape of unsubstantiated claims. Anti-science mentality is growing. Misleading popular opinions are used to sell you products and services that range from ineffectual to downright dangerous.

Learn how to separate fact from fiction. In Is This Wi-Fi Organic? Dave Farina, author and science communicator from the YouTube channel Professor Dave Explains offers easy-to-read lessons on basic scientific principles everyone should understand, and then uses them to expose threads of confusion among the public.

In this book of instruction blended with social commentary, learn:
The real science behind semi-controversial health issues like drugs and vaccines
What energy actually is, and how we use it each and every day
A core of scientific knowledge that empowers you to spot misinformation, fake-news, fake science, and outright lies"