“Guide to Annihilate Your Opponents in Astral Warfare” by Darlington Moses

"Guide to Annihilate Your Opponents in Astral Warfare" by Darlington Moses

"We are all involved in astral warfare, whether consciously or unconsciously. The astral realm is an energy plane where humans have ethereal avatars (astral bodies), which are their main body and the master copy of the 3D body. Real battles occur in the astral world, with the 3D world reflecting the outcomes. Everything in the physical world is a result of the astral realm activities. People shape their fate in the astral realm, impacting their well-being in this life and the afterlife. The 3D merely mirrors the astral reality. The astral realm operates without rules, akin to a chaotic jungle where survival of the fittest prevails. Understanding astral battles is crucial to gaining an advantage. The book delves into the intricacies of astral warfare and how to protect oneself from dark entities and gain the upper hand over opponents."