“Celibacy and Transmutation of Sexual Energy for Deeper Meditation” by Russell Symonds

"Celibacy and Transmutation of Sexual Energy for Deeper Meditation" by Russell Symonds

"The ecstatic transmutation of celibacy can be by far the most exciting experience one can ever have! Learn and master the greatest secrets ever told of how to enjoy utterly fantastic bliss and unlimited sexual energy!

Just as humankind has learned to master and control many natural forces in the world, a yogi (or yogini) is a very special (and unfortunately rare) individual who's inclination is to control and master the inner forces of nature, such as thoughts, emotions, cravings, and desires, especially the biological force of sexual energy.

The yogi or yogini manages to successfully master his or her emotions and sexual energy not by force, but through physical self-control, purification of brain and body cells and then by absorption of vital prana. The transmutation of sex into excitement, inner peace, bliss, joy and unconditional love is the wonderful end result.

One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy. However, when sexual energy is lost in the process of reproductive activity, the spiritual side often suffers. Sexual vitality can and should be conserved to create a subtle biological energy substance called "ojas" which can be used by yogis to enhance their meditations and powers greatly.

A certain level of experience in samadhi can only be achieved while being celibate and living on only the most natural diet while fasting between every meal as long as comfortably possible and flooding every cell in the body with the transmuting essence of prana."