“The Angels of Omnipotence” by Jareth Tempest

"The Angels of Omnipotence" by Jareth Tempest

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"The mysterious Angels of Omnipotence have become infamous after making brief scattered appearances in a few grimoires. Whispered about in occult Facebook groups, internet forums, and blog posts, these enigmatic angels have captured our imaginations with their provocative name and the stories about how they have turned people’s lives upside down and made them rich. But making people wealthy is just the beginning of their story.

Jareth Tempest spent the last two years building an intimate relationship with these mysterious beings. Now, in this book, he is pulling back the veil of mystery and revealing these wondrous angels in their full magnificence.

Making money is just the start of what these angels are capable of. Sharpen your mind in every way and grow in wisdom with Elubatel. Help with healing of all kinds with Ebuhuel. Rest in peace and calm with Atuesuel. Find true inner joy while also becoming more beautiful with Tabatlu. Reshape your life using pure willpower with Bualu. Attract love or manipulate emotions with Tulatu. Open yourself to prosperity and manifest ever-increasing abundance with Labusi. Unlock your psychic gifts and gain sight beyond sight with Ublisi. And finally, radically transform yourself and your personality with Uiazel.

This is a work like none other. A concrete form of practice with a unique, simple, easy-to-use system for working with these nine angels. This book contains well over a hundred sigils, each with powers that can be used on yourself, for others, or be inverted and used to curse your enemies. These sigils are created using a series of glyphs revealed by the angels themselves. Each one taps into a different aspect of creation. He explains the meanings of the individual glyphs and how you can use them to easily construct sigils of your own. The potential is limited only by your imagination.

The book concludes with simple pathworkings for each of the nine angels so that you can experience intense personal visions with them yourself. The power of omnipotence is in this book. The keys to dramatic change are found within its pages. Are you ready to become all-powerful?"