“Living in the Matrix: Understanding and Freeing Yourself from the Clutches of the Matrix” by Michael Hammer

"Living in the Matrix: Understanding and Freeing Yourself from the Clutches of the Matrix" by Michael Hammer

"Why are things the way they are on this planet? There is a very cleverly designed Matrix, hidden in plain view, which we believe is our very reality, that is created to be an imposition and limitation on every aspect of our lives.

Almost everything we encounter on this earth and beyond, even our religions and spirituality are an aspect of this Matrix which controls and manipulates us to feed those who run things mostly behind the scenes.

This book connects the dots and exposes the grand architect(s) behind the many aspects of the matrix. Even if you are well versed in conspiracy theories, when you see how everything works together, it is truly mind blowing and will confront your very core belief systems about life.

Living in the Matrix takes you down the rabbit hole and gives you insight on how to avoid the many hidden traps and live sovereign and free. This book explores the Cosmic and Earth Matrix, ancient and galactic history, the beings that dictate their policies to the ruling elite and exposes the being at the very top of the pyramid of power. How does the Matrix controls us at the death process with karma and reincarnation and the many avenues of mind control. Most importantly, you will understand why no stone is left unturned in the epic manipulation and control of mankind and where this is all heading."