“The Golem: Mystical Tales from the Ghetto of Prague” by Chayim Bloch

"The Golem: Mystical Tales from the Ghetto of Prague" by Chayim Bloch

"In the medieval ghettos the first traces of the Golem Story are to be found. It was there that the pious spiritual leader appeared, the Hasidic master of magic, of occult lore, a prime goal of his efforts at practical kabbala being the creation of a Golem, a servant who would serve his people in their sufferings and struggles, bringing help to the commuity in its hour of great need. From these somewhat obscure beginnings, the Golem story passed down the centuries, extending beyhond the confines of Jewish mystical lore, eventually finding literary expression, for example, in Goethe's well known Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice, in The Journal for Hermits by the Brothers Grimm of fairy-tale fame, and in a variant form in Mary W. Shelley's Frankenstein. The Golem-saga has provided the motivation for a wealth of stories, plays, novels and occult studies, from the Renaissance to our day. The fascination of the Golem-figure is undeniable; the timeles element of mystical pathos, pointing to profound esoteric realities surrounding it, makes an indelible impression upon every sensitive student of mystical lore."