“Moonflower: Erotic Dreaming with the Goddess” by Sirona Knight

"Moonflower: Erotic Dreaming with the Goddess" by Sirona Knight

"Now you can experience the ultimate sexual and spiritual fulfillment you've only dreamed about. Moonflower is full of exciting and innovative methods for using dreamwork and sexual union as powerful magical techniques to help you achieve what you truly desire: deep intimacy with your lover; harmony within yourself; oneness with the Divine; and a richer, more meaningful life in every way.

The word "Moonflower" means "to flow with the cycle of the moon." The book Moonflower flows with the seasons, illustrating renewal and creation in the mating of male and female energies. The combined powers of female and male joined together when making love results in a vast surplus of energy. You can use this energy to enhance love, link with the Divine, and improve your life.

Using the yearly cycle of the Moon as a model, you'll flow through thirteen erotic guided journeys. Each one features a goddess and her consort who embody the seasonal energy intrinsic to each lunar month.

– The Storm Moon: Epona & Taranis
– Increase your abilities and skills to manifest your highest dreams.
– The Hare Moon: Danu & Math
– Discover control of the self and how to increase personal rapport with your partner.
– The Dyad Moon: Mei & Gwydion
– Learn to appear energetically in two places simultaneously as you unwrap the illusionary cocoon of your ordinary existence.
– The Blood Moon: Morgana & Ogmios
– Uncover the secret link between dreams and creativity.

These magical, sensual journeys will foster your divine sexual union to help you become one with your lover physically and spiritually…and allow you to activate the glorious aspects of the god and goddess within yourself and your relationship. "