“Artful Hypnotic Anchoring: 9 Steps to Guide Someone’s Thinking” by Max Trance

"Artful Hypnotic Anchoring: 9 Steps to Guide Someone's Thinking" by Max Trance

"Who Else Wants to Effortlessly Shape the Way People Think?

In the distant past when dinosaurs still roamed the lands, I had a series of corporate jobs. And as unluck would have it, I ended up going to a lot of meetings. In these meetings, decisions were made that would sometimes affect the course of the future for hundreds of employees and millions of customers. That's all fairly typical for a corporation, right?

But I noticed something odd. Quite often in these meetings, the decision makers would choose to make decisions that made no sense and were guaranteed to have bad outcomes. This was despite people pointing out all the flaws and what would happen. As you might imagine, when the predicted sequence of events would inevitably unfold, the decision makers were confused. Why did no-one tell us this would happen? they would wail!

At the same time, I had become a little obsessed with hypnosis and was spending a lot of my time experimenting with it in every part of my life. Naturally this included work, so I started to wonder what kinds of things I could achieve. And the answer was surprising.

Inside this book:
What hypnotic anchoring really is. Once you appreciate this key point, the entire thing becomes a lot less mysterious and easier to understand.
How I exploit a feature of the mind to easily recall information.
How to use simple gestures to change the course of someone's thinking. You can use this on just one person, or an entire group at once.
How to help your subjects to have the behaviors that you want.
The only two things that can cause us to remember something.
The exact steps to create an anchor.
Why anchors degrade over time and what to do to prevent it.
The simple technique I've used to steer corporate meetings without anyone realizing, resolving the issue of bad outcomes from them.
Why it is helpful to induce strong emotions in your subject, and what to do when you can't.
What to do to make it almost effortless to create strong emotions in others.
How to know if your efforts have been effective.
The surprisingly simple yet effective technique I've used to steal agreement.
How to hypnotize someone by reading a list to them.

If you'd like to be able to effortlessly access minds directly in any situation… Or if you want to know how hypnotic anchors and triggers really work… Or even if you just love messing with people and want another tool to add to your kit…"