“Magic Words and How to Use Them” by Genevieve Davis

"Magic Words and How to Use Them" by Genevieve Davis

"Magic is real. And you can use mere words to affect the people, events, objects and relationships of your life in exciting and beautiful ways.

This book will teach you the technique of using Magic Words. It’s the most spectacularly effective method for creating change in just about any area you can think of.

Magic Words is devastatingly simple to master. It takes no preparation, costs nothing, anyone can do it, and you can start using it immediately. If you are consistent with the practice, you may well see a change within just a few days.

Magic Words is the technique consistently reported by my coaching clients as the most effective, and more people report success with this practice than any other. I personally use it every single day of my life.

My promise is this: use Magic Words consistently and as described, and you’ll see massive changes too."