“Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects” by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington (second edition)

"Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects" by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington (second edition)

"Feel the energy that flows through everything you do. Tap into that power! Carve a symbol, dip a candle, mix fragrant herbs, sculpt clay, and make your life all that you want it to be. When crafts are used to create objects intended for ritual or to symbolize the divine, the connection between the craftsperson and divinity grows more intense.

This second edition of Spell Crafts, the much-loved and oft-read guide to magical handwork, features new illustrations and a new preface by David Harrington. Learn how to create and use all of the following:

Magical simmering potpourris
A beaded psychic mandala
Clay pentacles, plaques, and runic dice
A shaman's arrow
Sand paintings
Corn Mother
A magical spell broom
Protective hex sign
Witch bottles
Flower garlands
Spell banner
Magic mirror
Prosperity trivet
Wheat weaving"