“Hacking Reality: Upgrade Your Life From the Inside Out” by Rob Nelson

"Hacking Reality: Upgrade Your Life From the Inside Out" by Rob Nelson

"What do you really want out of life?
This book holds the key to changing your reality in ways you never dreamed possible.

Do you sabotage relationships, financial success or your health?
Does negative self-talk keep you feeling unlovable & unworthy?
Do the same kind of awful people or situations keep showing up in your life?
Does your life lack meaning & joy?

Find out how an accidental discovery called EFT 'tapping' can set you free, even if you've been struggling for years and nothing has ever really worked. And learn how to hack into your own 'operating system' and reprogram your subconscious mind with Matrix Reimprinting.
In a humorous, conversational style, Rob Nelson shares the empowering tools, mindsets, and cutting-edge science to transform your life in ways you might not have believed possible.
Hacking Reality is a treasure trove for healing arts practitioners, but valuable for anyone seeking personal transformation and healing. Rob is your friendly guide to the amazing realm of quantum healing, laying the foundation to address:
Financial Prosperity
Health Issues like Cancer & Auto-Immune Problems
Weight Loss without Dieting
Resolving Trauma & PTSD
Healthy Relationships
Surrogate Healing for Loved Ones
Eliminating Stress & Anxiety
Opening Up to Meaning & Joy in Life

Learn how to tweak your subconscious Operating System' for success on all levels, and hack into your limbic brain to discharge stuck emotions like shame, guilt, anger and grief. Stop being hijacked by the drama and trauma of the past. This book will help you step into a more wonderful, authentic new reality.

Rob Nelson has helped hundreds of clients and students, from all walks of life, experience rapid and profound transformations."