“Natural Magic: Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden” by John Michael Greer

"Natural Magic: Potions and Powers from the Magical Garden" by John Michael Greer

"The world around you―the natural world―is not a place apart from the world of magic: they are one and the same. When you know the magical reality behind the physical form of the stars, rocks, trees, and animals, you are on your way to mastering the methods in Natural Magic.

Natural magic―the art of tapping the inner powers of plants, animals, and minerals―is an ancient source of power and spiritual connection to the living Earth. Once an integral part of our daily lives, its rich lore eventually became fragmented and distorted.

Natural Magic is a major work that reunites the diverse elements of the ancient tradition of Western natural magic. It gives you all you need to know to master the magical world, including:

– An encyclopedia detailing the magical uses of over 175 herbs, gems, and other elements of nature
– Complete instructions for making potions, baths, washes, amulets, and other magical tools
– Directions for making a Natural Magic Kit
– A guide to magical gardens, from window boxes to backyards
– The philosophy, framework, and ethics of natural magic
– Connections to alchemy and ritual magic

Written for the beginner as well as the experienced practitioner, this book features an encyclopedia of magical/material correspondences, step-by-step procedures, and the underlying principles of natural magic. Natural Magic is a must for your studies. "