“Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, and the Familiar Spirit for the Solitary Practitioner” by Roger J. Horne

"Folk Witchcraft: A Guide to Lore, Land, and the Familiar Spirit for the Solitary Practitioner" by Roger J. Horne

"Complete with practical exercises, descriptions of craft theories and models, hand-drawn illustrations, and the author's working grimoire, Folk Witchcraft provides the student witch with an insightful perspective on the craft that is firmly rooted in the past, but adapted for the present. Experienced witches will deepen and enrich their practices by connecting more fully to traditional magics from hundreds of years in the past. Learn how to:
-Master ecstatic methods of spirit-flight described in witch-lore
-Celebrate the turning of the seasons with traditional rituals
-Cultivate closer relationships with nature spirits and personal familiars
-Work powerful traditional charms, such as the witches' ladder, the poppet, and blessing/cursing by gesture
-Discern the magical properties of herbs and plants without relying on tables from books
-Augur practical guidance from the spirit world
-Utilize old craft incantations, remedies, and recipes
-Connect with the Old Ones, the ancestors of Folk Witchcraft
-Experience shapeshifting into various animal spirit forms
-Craft herbal unguents, oils, powders, tinctures, and infusions
-Interpret incantations, charms, and sigils received from your own familiar spirits
-Research and hone your own lore and grimoire-sourced magical practices

With over 50 rituals, charms, and exercises, Folk Witchcraft offers a refreshingly simple approach to the craft that is non-dogmatic, flexible, and rewarding as a personal spiritual practice. "