“Wicca For Beginners 2021 Complete Guide: (2 Books IN 1)” by Serra Night

"Wicca For Beginners 2021 Complete Guide: (2 Books IN 1)" by Serra Night

"The world is much bigger than what we know. Learning how to expand yourself, your mind, and your personal power through magic is just one way to enter that larger world. Wicca isn’t all about spells and magic, though; it is an entire lifestyle of peace, harmony, and coexistence. If these traits are qualities that you have or want to have in your life, then this book is a great starting point to take a look at what Wicca is and what it has to offer.

Not only will you learn all about Wicca, but you will also know how to start on your Wiccan path. You will have access to unique and exclusive spells to start casting magic and access your inner divinity!"