“Luciferian Invocations: Calling the Ancient Gods” by Anton Kruger

"Luciferian Invocations: Calling the Ancient Gods" by Anton Kruger

"This is a book of powerful invocations of the left-hand path chthonic gods. It may be used either for formal ceremonial or for personal devotion.
The first invocation is of Lilith, and includes her 17 magical names. This is followed by invocations of Leviathan, Hekate, Set, Naamah, Ashtoreth, Lucifer and Azazel.
The invocations are intended to be used for the process of self-transformation and ascension or for results magick.
Also included is an address to the personal daemon and a guided imagery pathworking for gaining guidance from the gods.
This book will be of interest to pagans interested in the left-hand path, Demonolaters and Luciferians. However, it is written from a devotional framework.
Full instructions are given for the process of magical invocation. "