“Mythology of the British Isles” by Geoffrey Ashe

"Mythology of the British Isles" by Geoffrey Ashe

"In Mythology of the British Isles, Geoffrey Ashe explores how each of these stories are inter-connected, and how they have taken on fresh significance and meaning as historical and archaeological research has uncovered the truth behind each legend.

He demonstrates, too, how legends from Ireland, such as The Voyages of Bran and Saint Brendan, shed unexpected light on British stories like Arthur’s voyage to Avalon. And modern myths and beliefs are examined and placed in context, from the Glastonbury Zodiac and the interpretation of ley lines, to the possible biblical pedigree of modern royalty.

In Mythology of the British Isles Geoffrey Ashe uncovers a British mythology which is comparable to the Greek in its richness and cohesiveness, and which possesses a national genius all of its own."