“John Fian’s Spellbook” by Robert Blanchard (IGOS, 2nd edition)

"John Fian's Spellbook" by Robert Blanchard (IGOS, 2nd edition)

"Rare grimoire detailing the occult practices of the famous Scottish Witch John Fian. He was tortured and executed for his witchcraft practices. John Fian and his coven of witches were accused of raising a sea storm to drown James VI and Queen Anne on their way home from Denmark. Fian denied that he cast any spell for doing this. But, all knew his power was great. His personal grimoire was discovered after his execution and that exact grimoire is offered here.

This grimoire details the Scottish/English tradition of witchcraft rarely seen in its exact form as practiced in the 1600s. The real practices are detailed here: Initiation, The Sabbath, Witch Work, Divination, Witch's Bottles, Familiar Spirits, Charms, Poppets, Aglet Knots, Witch's Eye, Love and Lust Spells, Curses and Bindings, Cauldron Spells, Burnings, Witch's Charms, Weather Magic, Candle Magic, Witch's Tools. This is AUTHENTIC ANCIENT WITCHCRAFT which has never been seen before."