“The Beginner’s Guide to Chaos Magick: A Paradigm Of Peace, Prosperity and Empowerment” by Oliver P. Hart

"The Beginner's Guide to Chaos Magick: A Paradigm Of Peace, Prosperity and Empowerment" by Oliver P. Hart

"Chaos Magick is often thought about to be a unique discipline in the myriad of occult methods, theories and practices. It really resembles no other system, because Chaos Magick, by definition is actually not a closed system. Chaos Magic breaks through the cliches, preconceptions and boundaries which often plague other systems of magick.

The idea of this book is presented for the beginner in mind. This beginner's guide to Chaos Magic leads one to experiment with the information presented, and to discover what resonates best with them. The all-to-common intimidating esoteric tones found in other paradigms are not present here. Instead, you have a practical and accessible approach to engaging in Chaos Magic that you can call your own.

Find out why Chaos Magick is one of quickest growing areas of Western Occultism. It's a different kind of alchemy. With it, you can change your situations and navigate your reality as a powerful creator using the natural power of [Chaos] magick."