“All The Emperor’s Men: Heralding the Cults of the Apocalypse” by Garry Greenwood

"All The Emperor's Men: Heralding the Cults of the Apocalypse" by Garry Greenwood

"Imagine this: you’ve just joined a wonderful group of like-minded people growing organic vegetables and practising Japanese Reiki Healing focussed upon making the world a better place. You become so enchanted with their Utopian idealism that you gradually rise up through the ranks and before long you find yourself second-in-charge of a huge Australasian Empire consisting of thousands of ardent believers in several neighbouring Asian and Pacific nations.

You elevate even further up the Divine ladder and find yourself high up in the snow-shrouded Japan Alps studying the most secret of secret esoteric teachings known to humankind. This is the group’s elite training school. Here you study the origins and destiny of planet Earth and its inhabitants — "the earth must be destroyed in order for us to save it", declares the secret blueprint for global domination.

Ancient Emperors of Japan once brought enlightenment to humankind as they traversed the skies in their Spaceships from Heaven; the true origins of the Star of David; high-level Japanese Politicians intent on avenging the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the U.S. are also key components of the school’s curriculum.

Finally, after fifteen lost years within the cult you become disillusioned and manage to escape and set about discovering the identities of those hidden above the clouds and setting the cult’s agenda. To your horror you discover its founder, co-founder and others are Japanese War criminals with some of their associates currently serving as high-level governing Japanese Politicians.

Digging even deeper you discover some are now involved with the tsunami-destroyed Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant which, since March 2011, has been totally out of control and spewing huge and immeasurable quantities of deadly nuclear radiation into the atmosphere and North Pacific Ocean, much of which is now coming ashore upon the West Coast of the U.S and Canada due to the prevailing ocean and wind currents — an unstoppable, "uncontrollable" catastrophe.

Never has anyone penetrated the veils religion, mysticism, deception, black magic and secret agendas so deep and returned to tell the story. All this and more are finally exposed by ex-cult member and author, Garry Greenwood, within the pages of this chilling and momentous book.

This is a true story. It contains easy-checkable facts, useful links and references for you to go on your own journey of discovery."