“Ars Nobilis, Or the Noble Art: A Grimoire” by Brother Cernunnos

"Ars Nobilis, Or the Noble Art: A Grimoire" by Brother Cernunnos

"Ars Nobilis, Or the Noble Art, is a grimoire consisting of four parts; The Book of Maiden, The Book of Jinn, The Book of Servient Angels and Red Conjurations.

It has previously undisclosed spiritual knowledge, including sixty-three new goddesses, their names, descriptions and sigils (all of which have been fixed since the previous version of the first book which was published in 2014) and how to evoke them, a complete system of evocation as well as spiritual evolution, thus far unrevealed succubus and jinn spells and twenty-one names of succubi and jinn with their sigils and descriptions, seventy-two new angels with their names, sigils and descriptions and instructions on how to evoke them, procedures of hermetic initiation, and a good deal of conjurations and spells for love, money, healing, protection, occult power and much more. "