“Astrology: The Modern Mystic’s Guide to the Stars” by Sepharial (updated 2022 edition)

"Astrology: The Modern Mystic's Guide to the Stars" by Sepharial (updated 2022 edition)

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"For millennia the art of astrology has given humans a way to understand the movements of the stars and provided a glimpse into the future in the process. Travel, love, money, career―the details of our futures both big and small are written in the stars and charted by the planets. Astrology gives you the key to reading your own star charts and unlocking the celestial influences that can shape the world around you.

Originally published in 1920, but now fully updated with modern language, Astrology is a classic guide to the art of reading the stars. The book walks readers through the mysteries of astrology, helping them understand the details of their horoscope and exploring a range of topics from health and money to love and success. It’s the perfect guide for anyone looking to unlock the mysteries of the heavens."