“Money Magic: Powerful Spells for Wealth and Prosperity” by Caitlin MacKenna

"Money Magic: Powerful Spells for Wealth and Prosperity" by Caitlin MacKenna

"Everybody needs money. Even the “spiritual” types who claim to be above mundane matters can't sponge off their friends and relatives forever. Money magic works, but money will seldom fall from the sky into the s[ellcaster's hand. The money usually comes through some ordinary, though possibly unexpected means. This book includes job spells, business success spells, spells to banish debts, and spells to collect debts. There is even a spell to find money. Some of the spells enlist the aid of powerful spirits to help you achieve money and wealth. This book also includes instructions for using divination to predict winners and win lotteries. Just about every way to use magic to make money is covered."